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Couple posing at pregnancy photoshoot

Olga Boychuk by: Olga Boychuk

Couple pregnancy photosession, how can a couple pose?

The main thing here is to remember why we are doing this photoshoot? To capture the love in which your baby came to you. That tenderness to each other.
Therefore, in pair shooting, you do not need to do anything special – you just need to love each other. First of all, your sincere emotions are important!

One couple of my shooting heroes brought out a simple formula for a successful photo session: “Take off your socks and hug!”

So it is! 🙂 Barefoot, in everyday clothes (although matched in color and style among one another), the best shots come out with sincere emotions!
In this case, of course, we remember the rule “Lengthen!” – Do not slouch, stretch your neck, follow the legs. This rule applies to couple photoshoot too. 😉

And on the spot, of course, you just need to trust the photographer who will put you, put you in the right place and help with posing so that you look natural, but most profitable.

With love, your photographer Olga Boychuk
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