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“Ocean view photosession”, or “getting over any fear”

Posted by 02 March 2020
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Olga Boychuk by: Olga Boychuk

Very soon I will tell you with details how my husband and I traveled together in the colorful Andalusia, this is the south of Spain, the land of olives, bullfighting, white towns with tiled roofs in the mountains and wonderful people.

But now I want to share a story about how I overcame the fear of approaching people and inviting them to do what I need. This fear, completely stupid, but just as real, in several episodes of my life led me to miss a precious moment to meet interesting people. Fit into cool projects. I simply missed some awesome opportunities, but I also remembered this well.

Therefore, when we traveled, and stopped at the cape to find a beautiful beach, and saw from afar how a couple kissed on the beach .. in jeans, in white T-shirts, beautiful, young, fiery .. I just thought: what could be scary about me going up to them and offering to take a picture? Well? Will they beat me? The Spaniards are usually very friendly, and besides, my husband is with me 😃 Will they refuse? Well so, what’s the big deal?

And I just did it. I saw the moment when they stopped kissing for a moment)))) Stepped to them and said “Hi!”. The guys not only didn’t get angry, they also posed nicely and thanked me with very warm words, although we only had 5 minutes before they left. They stopped kissing just because they had to get ready to leave .. oh, love)

Hence the conclusion: when you have fear – think that a maximally terrible thing can happen? bring the imaginary situation to the point of absurdity, laugh at it and just make a step towards this fear.