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What pregnancy term is best for the photoshoot?

Posted by 08 January 2024
Olga Boychuk by: Olga Boychuk

My personal record is two days before giving birth) at 39 weeks I photographed a girl and she gave birth 2 days later)))
⭐ Don’t repeat that! ⭐

The best term is 29-31 weeks for a single pregnancy, 23-25 for twins, because:

💥 the belly has already grown enough
💥 both the belly’s volume and the feeling of well-being allow you to “work out” the photosession time.

Because no matter how much I try to make this time comfortable, pleasant and joyful, it is still – work. You need to change clothes, get up, sit down, lie down, stand on your toes, bend over, in the end – just keeping your back straight is work.

Obstetricians consider the period from 32 to 34 weeks risky. It is at this time that 7-month-old children are born, if the mother overexerts herself or experiences excessive stress. For example, he thinks of pushing a car or moving a refrigerator.
At this time, it is better not to plan trips, heavy loads and tasks, and postpone them until after the 34th.

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