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Newborn photographer in Portugal

Posted by 08 March 2023
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Olga Boychuk by: Olga Boychuk

How to prepare to the newborn photosession in Portugal? Do I need a studio, how do I choose the photographer I trust?

I say, choosing a photographer you trust is a number one question.
Right after the family went through this major change, having a precious little creature, rearrangements in the house, adapted schedule – inviting a person from outside sounds difficult.So it’s important that you are sure this person is gentle, attentive and – for sure – professional in working not only with the equipment, light, dressing – making a picture, but with holding, wrapping, calming babies.
So it is not only about checking the portfolio, but also having a talk, in person or by videochat, sharing all the doubts and asking all the questions you need to clarify.

Studio is a good solution, as there is normally plenty of props, light and equipment. But to my opinion, newborn photosession at home is much better, and here is why.

Comfort: Your cup and access to food you like. Shower, baby comode, al needed stuff to wash, change – is there. Your room, your sofa, windows – are more then enough for good photos, at least because they are yours – and with estethics I’m always there to help)

Light: In Portugal, light is not an issue. I managed to find light even in frosty gray winter Kyiv – in Portugal even rainy day provides more than enough light for a photosession.

Props: I have big packages of bodysuits, hats, wraps, crowns of all kinds and it’s no problem taking them by car to your house.

Time: regardless of having the time limit in the package, normally we are not obliged to watch it, if it took longer to make a desired photo in the dressing we have chosen, we’ll take a little longer. Most of the time of newborn photosession passes not in making photos per se, but changing the clothes, feeding, comforting, with slight changes in posing. Adapting to the baby’s current mood – to be awake and watch the world with his or her wonderful eyes, or to get the light sleep, one when they smile and make funny faces, or to fall into deep sleep.

So after the set we have all kinds of portraits + set of life family photos, with all the wonders happening between you

Call me! My name is Olga, I am a professional photographer from Ukraine, now resident of Portugal and happy to make greatest pictures for you. I drive, so the location is no problem.
+351 910 850 377 (PT)
What’s App, Telegram: +380663134371