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Pink Genichesk Lake, a real miracle of Ukraine!

Posted by 31 October 2020
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Olga Boychuk by: Olga Boychuk

Once I saw wedding photos taken on the salt flats of Bolivia and since then I have dreamed of these landscapes ..
Quarantine, you cannot even travel nearby, let alone to South America ..
And out of the blue, one after another, photos of the Pink Salt Lake begin to show up .. in Ukraine!

Taken a beautiful couple, probably equally crazy with me) and food on the road) we went on exploration, and were just stunned by the beauty ..
Salt crust under your feet, which is springy in places, because there is a thick layer of mud under it, and water under it.

and the water that fills your footprints in salt is pink. And the thicker the water column, the pinker.
The pink color is given to it by an unicellular algae, which bears the interesting name Dunaliella saline.

In fact, such shots always remain in the memory of all participants: early rise, the colors of sunrise.
Strong salty wind, literally tearing the veil off the head and nullifying the work of the hairdresser)
And out off the scale emotions, delight, adrenaline and at the same time, tenderness ..

And just a great inspiration …

Would you fit into such an adventure? 😉
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