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Pregnancy photoshoot posing

Posted by 12 March 2020
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Olga Boychuk by: Olga Boychuk

How to pose during maternity photosession?
There are many pose plans for standing, sitting, lying – but there is always one most important rule that defines all these poses: lengthen!
What does this mean, I explain in the video (in russian, but I will add transcription soon):

So, rule № 1: Lengthen. The back, neck, legs up to the socks should be long. Stooping and other twisting does not fit to girls at all, and especially to pregnant women.

Rule №2: Hands. Dealing with hands is always the hardest part for models, and during pregnancy a tummy appears, and with it comes the desire to always hold hands on it. But this is optional)
Hands can be supporting the back of a chair or sofa. You can correct your hair, this is a very natural movement for women, and men find it very sexy. You can touch your face with your palm. You can take your hands on clothes, jeans pocket, jacket or a shirt collar.

Rule №3: Remember Rule 1! In any position, remember the smooth back and long neck. Feet look better “on toes” – and standing and sitting, you need to raise your feet on toes.

Keeping these rules in mind, you don’t put yourself in certain pose plans, but you can freely use any interior items, any clothes and place, and get the freedom to make your own unique photos that will be specifically about you, about your unique pregnancy.
Beautiful frames to you!
With love, your photographer Olga Boychuk.