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What to wear for your pregnancy photoshoot? Top 10 clothes to find in your wardrobe

Posted by 08 January 2024
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Olga Boychuk by: Olga Boychuk

The most awesome ideas are the simplest!

1. A white shirt – your own or your husband’s. Add plain smooth underwear to it, and the look is ready! The shirt, without distracting from the main thing, from your belly, will cover your shoulders and back. And a man’s shirt on a woman is always smart sexy, attractive and not vulgar

2. Jeans: your old jeans that do not fasten, the main point is to wear them on the hips. The fact that they don’t fasten is very cute) Usually, boyfriend jeans fit well. Or special ones for pregnancy, if the rubber band from the belly can be wrapped inside


3. Stocking dress, hugging a round belly without having to hold it with your arms. Such dresses are great because they create a silhouette while giving your arms full freedom


4. Voluminous sweaters or cardigans. It’s cute, cozy, and way sexier than any peignoir.



5. Leather jacket. This is a win-win option that looks equally cool on a T-shirt, underwear, and just bare chest

6. A denim jacket – not as aggressive as a leather jacket, but just as stylish. The rigid forms of the denim jacket help to give clear lines to the figure and, in contrast, emphasize the roundness of the tummy even better

7. Home pajamas. A cozy everyday look, in which you can take photos perfectly at home to remember the time of pleasant waiting as it was, or in a studio that reproduces the interior of the house


8. Office jacket.
We live in an amazing time, when a woman is not obliged to stay at home and serve the family, and is not even obliged to make a choice: a career or a house? The modern woman gets it all. Especially when there is a strong man and a relationship of trust



9. Body-swimsuits that hug the silhouette of the belly and emphasize slender long legs. Maybe you don’t have them in your wardrobe, but a photographer usually has a large selection of them for you 😉 Well, I do)


10. Nothing.
The beauty of your renewed silhouette and the play of light, and nothing else, are fascinating. It’s not for nothing that star mothers choose the nude format for their pregnant photo sessions – it’s concise, stylish and elegant.

So, still nothing to wear?..

With love, your photographer in Portugal, Olga Boychuk

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